When You Start to Feel Better…

I know that when I've been in a down mood for a couple of days, that when I start to "climb out" of it, things start to feel better...and I get this little feeling that is a residue from the past days of negativity. That feeling seems to want to pull me back down.

This is when a wonderful technique can come into play. As you start to notice you are feeling better, imagine that this feeling is like a little fire you are starting when you are out camping. You have the little flame going, and you are protecting it from being blown out by the wind. You then feed it small twigs and leaves to make it grow.

How do we do this with feelings? I'm not suggesting that it is really simple, and I know that as you work with this you will find it gets easier and easier to feel better.

As you notice that you are feeling better, give your unconscious mind the command to double it. The unconscious mind's language is metaphor. This means that you can imagine a little flame that you are tending as it grows to double the size. As you do this, know that this is your communication to your unconscious mind. Know that as you imagine the flame getting larger, your good feelings are getting larger. Double it, triple it! Now let the feeling permeate your entire body. Feel the warmth.

You may notice that you are feeing much better now. This is you taking charge!

You are in charge of your perceptions, your emotions. NLP contains a wealth of fun and amazingly useful techniques to bring peace and happiness into your Now moments. Try a little each day. You will be surprised!

Check out the User's Guide to Transformation on the right hand side (unless I moved it). This has 28 days of easy, very cool and fun techniques for enjoying your days. A bit more each day will create a transformation for you. Its all up to you. And, it is possible.

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