What I do

Each family is different. Each child is different. Each program is designed with that in mind, and evolves as we go deeper into the coaching process.

This being said, there are many tools that I utilize from my 40 years of fascination with the unconscious mind, formal education, certifications in alternative methods, and methods taught to me by Mentor Scott Alchemy Hardie, Speech Pathologist and Autism expert from Australia.

My life's passion is to find and use the most effective tools possible to help people break free of the chains that keep them from an even more enjoyable life. This is the reason that I offer a guarantee on my services. You will have measurable, agreed-upon results by the end of the 7 hours, or I work with you until we do. Because of this I do not take on all clients. People I work with must be willing to think outside-the-box and do certain mental exercises that create dramatic change. Is that you? Are you willing to do what it takes?

If you would like to know more about my approach, I am based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let's have a tea/coffee and talk about possibilities. Call me at 702.498.2445  or email me for an appointment.

With love,
Nannette DiMascio, Mind Pirate(tm) Eliminator

Happy Famiy