What Are Mind Pirates(tm)?

In over 39 years (and I won't say how much "over") I have studied the mind, I found that there are thousands of ways we unconsciously sabotage our own success.

It is like a captain of a ship that has become hostage to Mind Pirates™.

Mind Pirates™ pillage

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Money
  • Fun

Pirate Grunge

"I know I'm going to hell," Peter, a bright engineer began his story, "For fifteen years I have dreaded the idea that I may not believe just right so I know I am going to hell...I can't sleep at night, I'm on three different kinds of blood pressure medication. My boss told me to take a month off to figure this out or I will lose my job."

Peter had Mind Pirates™. Within three days of his applying some powerful techniques, he went to his doctor. The doctor took him off of two of the blood pressure medications, "He asked me what I was doing and to keep doing it."

Peter's job is now secure, he is even thinking about having children now that he has learned to eliminate and keep the Mind Pirates™ away.

What fears are keeping you up at night? What stops you from enjoying life? Would you like to make your Mind Pirates™ walk the plank?

Here is a powerful way to start.

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