The Anatomy of “Eating Too Much” and how to Stop

It's the holidays.  Those special cookies are out at friend's houses, family gatherings and at your office/place of business.

This year one of my brothers got that special brownie pan (on encouragement from my little nephew) that makes every brownie an "end piece."  Good thing he is on the other side of the country,  and DON'T tell me where to get one!

Friends of mine made home-made candy and gave me this lovely package of it tied up with a ribbon.  You tell me, how could you NOT have a piece...and let's try this one, and of course THAT one...

My other brother sent us boxes of chocolate candy...well, it's a gift...I have to have SOME, of course.  Just one.  Maybe another one.  Just open the box and let's watch this Santa movie!

As I sit here having eaten too much chocolate, home made candy and pecan and caramel popcorn I am amused by my own strategy.  This morning I  "knew" I would not eat any sugar today.  I was fine until the evening.   What happened?   And who out there says that an NLP Trainer has total control?  Hello...Human here.

What was the first step down the spiral of overindulgence?  It was before I made the brussel sprouts and served up the escarole and northern beans... I thought, "well, they made this candy and I really should try it, it was a gift..."  So I had one.  Then I had to try another... then we opened up the boxes of chocolate from my brother.  And then, as my husband says, "fugedaboudit!"

So, rewind.  Rewind to the actual first step in the strategy.

  1. First I saw the candy
  2. Second, the justification that to honor my friends' hard work and love in making that candy, I have to eat some of it.
  3. The third step in this stragety:  I had some candy, what does it matter if I have more.

This progression is part of the reason we don't have candy, chips and cookies in the house...unless it's the holidays, of course.

What are you struggling with?  What are your strategies?  Can you find ways to interrupt them so you can have more choice of actions?

We all have strategies for everything from waking up in the morning, brushing our teeth, driving our cars, falling in love, getting in an argument with so-and-so, getting upset about (weight, money, love, the economy, etc) etc.

If you are looking for a way to short-circuit that strategy send me an email, there are very powerful ways to modify your strategies at a subconscious level.  However,  you have to WANT TO stop the strategy.

Thanks EA and BF for the wonderful home-made candy!   You guys are awesome.


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