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Robert Richman, Manager of Zappos Insights at Zappos.com (at the time) wrote, "While at Zappos I worked with Nanette as a coach. Her fusion of NLP and metaphysical coaching helped me get get centered and get clear view of the many upcoming projects. Her coaching helped me lower my stress so I could enjoy my work more, stress less, and do more to support the company."

Tijen Genco,  Associate Director, Program Management (Master Black Belt, PCC) at Merck & Co., Inc. had this to say about Nannette's coaching -  "Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.  Have you ever head someone who can hear your soul and tells you what you need to hear? That is Nannette. If you are ready to be transformed, Nannette is your transformer... Nannette is a coach with high integrity and ethics who will allow you to be who you need to be and guide you to who you come this world to be... Tijen”

What Jim Dague, International Speaker and Trainer had to say about Nannette - "If you want to improve your presentation skills and your results,  I would highly recommend Nannette DiMascio.  After working with Nannette over the past two years, my delivery and my impact have markedly improved. I am an International Speaker and Trainer specializing in 'Sales' audiences - and now I make more sales. Feel free to contact me at 702-595-4440 if you have any questions.  Sincerely, Jim Dague"

John Remillard, President and Chief Science Officer at Red Shift company had this to say - “Nannette, As a living testimonial to the value of your technique, I am so productive now ~ that the first phase of my project is already programmed and being delivered next week. I have been on a productivity roll since your treatment!  Thank you, John”

From another group of sessions, John had this to say - "... Nannette led me through a sequence of steps that felt like they were directing my brain to make connections into areas and topics that seemed unreachable to me. I went right to the heart of the 2 deepest and most intense self punishing and self limiting guides I had placed upon myself in reaction or response to 2 different experiences that changed my life. I have had more fun writing a computer program today than at any other time in my life. The monster is gone! I do not know how it worked and I do not care ~ but whatever Nannette did ~ it truly set me free of 2 limitations that I thought would be on me forever! Appreciation & Love, a Mighty thank you, John."

"WOW you have turbo-boosted me into an array of possibilities! I am so glad I have got my passion back and my energy and exuberance back." Sally M,  U.K.

"I have seen great healing results in my world from your CD, your voice is soothing, the music and instruction are just great. It invites you in such a deep trance to transform your world and your limiting decisions to create a better and easier world. I felt significant changes when I listened to your CD. I felt just “lifted”, with your very simple clear guided process!" In my daily practice I am achieving results far more quickly, effectively in all areas of my life." Giti C.

"NLP is amazing. It not only works but the results are instantaneous. Thank you so much Nannette. You gave me focus and control of my life and strengthened my family bond." Shelly Willey, Louisiana

"Nannette's gentle guidance helped me to discover some powerful insights and have peace where there had been conflict. What a gift! Thank you Nannette! I highly recommend working with her." Matisun, Las Vegas, NV

"In September of 2010, we found out our 17 year old was smoking black tar heroin, and had been for a while. Previously he had run ins with alcohol, marijuana and pain pills like Percocet. He had been to 3 different therapists, all of whom claimed it would take months, if not years, to get to the root of the problem. As a drug user, he was adept at telling people what they wanted to hear, and after a few months, each of the therapists told us he was fine to go on about his business. Each time, he graduated to something progressively more dangerous. I had the luck to attend a training with Nannette, and learned of my son's heroin use in the same month. I asked Nannette about the Neuro Linguistic Programming, and she jumped at the chance to help. Nannette came to meet with him, and at his second session he really opened up and they were able to get to the roots of his issues. He had a friend die, a friend move out of state, and he broke up with his girlfriend. As a result of all 3 of these things he was looking to fill a void in his life, and he was unable to verbalize his feelings, as he didn't understand them himself. Nannette taught him ways to focus on the good, and helpful, things in his life. He came from a point of despair, and now two months later is gainfully employed while maintaining a straight "A" average, and has been accepted at a college. He feels he has reasons to continue pressing forward. I reflect back on experience with therapists who want to conduct years of "therapy", to basically fill their schedules and wallets. The work Nannette has done with this teenager is just incredible. He has opened back up to us as parents, volunteered to work and clean up around the house, and in general become a productive member of society." A proud father, Las Vegas, NV

"I want to thank you for helping me release the negative limiting beliefs in my life. My perception on life has totally changed, my self-esteem is higher and I do believe I can accomplish anything I want in life. You were great to work with and easy to talk to. Thanks for helping me get ahead in my life." - Janyelle Huff From working on sales success: "Thank you for helping understand how building rapport and getting to know my clients better is so important. Since using your suggestions, I have saved time and made money, just by understanding my clients needs and how they express them. My business is growing stronger now and I feel more positive about my future." Janyelle Huff, Indiana

"I had the pleasure of working with Nannette when she hosted the Teleconfrence call. Nannette worked with me on 2 issues. The first issue was on sleeping. I was having problems sleeping and after the teleconfrence call I had a peaceful restful sleep and I am sleeping much better. The 2nd issue was with exercise. I started walking on my treadmill and have been doing a 30 minute walk on the treadmill ever since. I really want to thank Nannette for all her help. Thank you :)" Jessica V, Las Vegas, NV

"Your CD is excellent . . . . . . well done ! Together, the presentation of the CD, the background sounds/music, and your voice/hypnotic language have come together as a very professional package and a wonderful meditational experience." - Julie S.  UK

"If you don't want to move beyond your stuck state then don't work with Nannette. Nannette genuinely cares for her clients and it comes through in the way she calmly and methodically approaches their challenges. She works through the challenges with her clients with surgical accuracy. This is definitely her calling." Oakland Lewis, OH

“I worked with Nannette DiMascio. What she did for me, was that when I had some anger that seemed to just hold on, first of all she helped me absolve the anger and she helped me process the hurt that the anger was masking. I was able within the next week to really just let go of all this old anger and hurt that had been piling up. The process only took an hour and it’s been two weeks since, and its been a fantastic two weeks, and I can’t wait to see the gains that I am going to get because it keeps growing.” Erin Ashley, Las Vegas, NV

“I used to believe that I was not able to tap into my subconscious. Not only did Nannette help me tap into this intuitive connection that I have with my subconscious, but also helped me come to peace with some warring forces inside of me that were actually there for the same purpose. Her techniques are very effective and blazing fast. I am so looking forward to working with her more.” Bryan Fryer, Las Vegas, NV

"Nannette, you have the best insightful mind to look into the minds of others that I have ever known. You just gave me my life." John Remillard, Colorado

"Your sessions were SO powerful - magnificent! I so appreciate you." Ariana Hall, Founder, Self-Expressed Voice

"After attending your Mastermind Group I have never had this type of clarity both personally and professionally in my life." Michael Rodriguez, Las Vegas, NV

[After some release work that included healing her legs] I had a mind-blowing, meditative, heart-opening, thigh-healing experience." Adele R, Las Vegas, NV

"For many years I have had difficulty getting on an elevator, especially one that is small, smelly, no air moving. I will choose to walk down if possible because I get a closed in feeling with a lot of anxiety. Nanette and I were visiting and she helped me to overcome this anxiety and fear. Tuesday I got on an elevator without even thinking about how I was going to feel, she asked me how I did and just then I realized I didn’t have the usual problem. Wow what a change. Thank you Nanette!" Diana Volker, Las Vegas, NV

"I am an International Speaker and Trainer specializing in "Sales" audiences. If you want to improve your presentation skills and your results, I would highly recomend Nannette DiMascio. After working with Nannette for the past two years, my delivery and my impact have markedly improved. I am an International Speaker and Trainer specializing in "Sales" audiences - and now I make more sales. Feel free to contact me at  702-595-4440 if you have any questions. Sincerely, Jim Dague

From his LinkedIn recommendation - Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. “Nannette started working with me as a business coach throughout transformational change both in my career and personal aspects. She is very personable and immediately puts you at ease in sharing information at the right level. She focuses on the root cause, both at a conscious and an unconscious level, while focusing on the key metrics for the desired outcome. She pushes very hard and consistently challenges her clients towards results. She made me a believer out of me by results and I will continue to work with her. I recommend her without reserve."  Jamie Hong, Six Sigma blackbelt, TX

From LinkedIn Recommendation - Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert. “Nannette is amazing at what she does. I have found that issues that have plagued me for year were gone after learning just one of her techniques. I have even sent my daughter to her. Thank you, Nannette for everything you have done for my family. My quality of life has gone up because of you.” Rachael Dilling, Dale Carnegie course instructor, Las Vegas, NV