Personal Power: Your Responsibility, not Your Fault

Dangerous Idea #2: What Role Are You Choosing?

Our actions and success are based upon our beliefs. Certain  beliefs, or presuppositions are helpful in applying the NLP Emotional Intelligence Techniques, and helpful on your journey to greater success.

These techniques require the practitioner to contemplating paradigm-shifting ideas. They are “dangerous” in that any one of the concepts may be a tipping point to your greater success.

The most dangerous idea in this book:  I am at cause, I am not a victim of effect (the economy/my manager/co-worker/spouse/child/government/etc.)  I am the only one responsible for my results.

This idea is dangerous because it gives you power.

By taking on this belief, you are acknowledging that you are not to blame, but you have responsibility, the ability to respond. Only from this place can you change your results.

As the previous section asks the question, “Who is driving your bus?” Notice when your “bus” (your mental/emotional state) has been hijacked. Resolve to be aware of the “hijacking,” take it off of autopilot and start asking what you can do from this place.

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