Parents of Children with Autism/Aspergers

– and your children themselves.

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Let’s start here with Autism/Aspergers. These are real developmental disorders. Maybe you are thinking: Surely, Nannette, you can’t blame Autism/Aspergers on Mind Pirates™?!  And my answer is: Absolutely not.

Mind Pirates do not cause Autism/Aspergers and Eliminating Mind Pirates™ will not cure it.

But … here’s what Eliminating Mind Pirates™ will do.  You see, both you and your child with developmental challenges accumulate Mind Pirates because he or she has these challenges.  You both develop Imprisoned Negative Emotions: “Because my child has Autism/Aspergers, he or she will never be capable of achieving independence or having a fulfilling life.”

As a parent, you say: “I do not have the skills to help my child rise above a neurological condition or to take advantage of the unique gifts inherent in that condition” – and the child thinks: “The doctor says I have Autism/Aspergers, so I am not normal and never will be.”  These are your Self-Imposed Shackles™.

And the Bad Vibe Experiences™? Too many to count – for how many counselors, teachers, “experts” and others have told both you and child what he or she will “never” be able to accomplish, socially, professionally or personally?

Over time, these add up and anchor you down.  What I do is to help both of you eliminate these Mind Pirates™, enabling you to focus on the gifts that these challenges endow on those who possess it, and enabling each of you to focus on the possible, not on what others have said is the impossible.

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