In Pain? The Mystery Technique Revealed.

This technique is so simple, it's difficult to start writing about it.

It's like instructions on how to breathe.
Breathe breathe out. Good!

What happens if you hold your breath for ten minutes? What if you try to breathe out when you are breathing in? So naturally you don't do those things.

Feelings are like your breath. I know this sounds too simplistic, but feelings want to be experienced. They may have a message for you. That's it. So why is it so difficult?

If you don't feel your feelings, the message is trapped and so are the feelings.
If you feel your feelings, you can get the learnings and release the feelings.
So how do we feel our feelings??

Oh, your feelings are not your THOUGHTS about your feelings.

Let's experience a feeling now. I'll show you how to do this simple process.
What are you feeling?
Where is it in your body?
Allow your gentle attention on the feeling and where it is. That's right.
Notice if it moves around, or if it stays, it may be a certain color or shape, it may be warm or cold, it may feel close or far, and it may have vibration or heaviness. Simply note the feeling. Hang out with it, take your time with it. Let it take you on its journey.

You may want to ask a question directed at the feeling, "what is it that I may learn from this feeling, the learning of which will allow me to release it?" And just listen. (note the exact wording, it is transformational)

This is a powerful and yet, as you can see, simple method for "dealing" with feelings. They are like the weather, they have their cycles, their moments, and merely want to be experienced. Why was it "set up" this way? I often ponder this question. The fact remains that we still have to feel them in order to create a life that we can enjoy, to dance the dance of life.

It's like you are an explorer into a great mystery inside of you. Go ahead and dance with the feelings you have. The holding back of feelings may not affect you as quickly as holding your breath, yet will certainly affect your health as abundant research has shown.

Are you in pain? If you would like a hand in clearing your emotions, I can walk you through this process. I also have other techniques that can quickly clear all of your past anger, sadness, guilt, fear and self-dislike so you can start to live life clear of the emotional charges from the past. I guarantee my work.

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