Are Pirates Pillaging Your Mind?

Yes! – if you ever feel like the things you want for your life and the people you love are being sabotaged by past experiences.

Identify Your Mind Pirates™

How many of these telltale signs do you have?

  • Not knowing what you really want in life
  • Difficulty focusing at times
  • Lack of energy
  • Addictions
  • Weight gain
  • Money issues
  • Everything feels flat
  • Difficulty communicating with family members
  • Not finding or connecting with your “tribe”
  • Overwhelming anger, sadness, fear or guilt

But don’t despair.

While there are thousands of ways we unconsciously self-sabotage, there are only 3 kinds of Mind Pirates™ – and I can show you how to identify and defeat them all!

  1. Imprisoned Negative Emotions - INE
  2. Self Imposed Shackles - SIS
  3. Bad Vibe Experiences - BVE

Imprisoned Negative Emotions or INE  come from experiences that were uncomfortable for you, traumatic experiences , or something in-between that you have not yet released.

Hombre dentro jaula


The lowest level of a ship is called the bilge. This is where water accumulates. As you might imagine, it is not the cleanest place.Ever heard of "bilge rats?"


Maybe you don’t think about it much, but negative emotions from the past accumulate when we don’t deal with them.

Like bilge water, this emotional debris accumulates and slows down your mental ship. This slows down or even stops progress in your life.


  1. You did not feel loved as a child.
  2. Your brother/sister was your parent's favorite.
  3. You were abused.
  4. You suffered physical trauma.
  5. You feel like something has been handed down through the generations to you.
  6. You feel like you lived another life and it's a burden.
  7. You are having difficulty forgiving yourself.
  8. Now, stop and breathe for a minute. Think of an example from your own experience. _________________________________

When you remembered that experience, did it come packed with a negative emotional charge? If so, it’s a Mind Pirate, taking up space in your unconscious mind.

Self Imposed Shackles or SIS are ways we sabotage our success due to something we believe.

ball and chain


We may have acquired these beliefs from our family, our school, our religious groups, or a comment someone made – or from the TV, Internet or other media. Something we imagined inside our own mind actually becomes TRUTH for us. Those Mind Pirates are nasty indeed:

  1. I am not good enough.
  2. No one in my family ever has been successful at ________.
  3. I'm not worth it.
  4. "They" will never approve.
  5. I could never ______.
  6. What would people think (if I did that)?
  7. I'm too ______ to succeed at that.
  8. Now, stop and breathe again. Think of an example from your own experience?  _________________________________

Bad Vibe Experiences or BVE

Bad Vibe Experiences are when something just doesn’t feel right.
They’re the Mind Pirates we’re most aware of, except we don’t know they’re Mind Pirates™.

furry gremlinExamples:

  1. You wake up feeling down, out of energy, not wanting to get up.
  2. You dread going to work because a co-worker is so negative.
  3. A certain place or person gives you a "creepy" feeling.
  4. Again, think of an example from your own experience?  _________________________________

Are you getting pillaged by Mind Pirates? Find out now by taking this short quiz.  Take me to the Mind Pirate Quiz!