Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking 

Employees Listening to Presentation

Corporate Executives – Replace fear with confidence in public speaking.

Public speaking is private fear #1!

It’s strange in a way, but nothing fills more people with terror more quickly than the thought of having to speak in front of others.  After all, who hasn’t had an opportunity to speak once before and fumbled it or perhaps, in school, even been heckled or made fun of?

Those are your Imprisoned Negative Emotions.  Who hasn’t thought: “I’m not articulate enough, good-looking enough, smart enough, confident enough to say anything to anyone. People will laugh at me. They will think I’m stupid or incompetent.”  Those are your Self-Imposed Shackles.

Who hasn’t experienced standing up to speak and then getting a queasy feeling, as in “I wish I were anywhere but here: I have to escape NOW!” Those are your Bad Vibe Experiences.  Allow me to banish all three of these Mind Pirates and you’ll actually look forward to public speaking.  Contact me today at 702.498.2445

Confidentiality is important for many of my corporate clients in a competitive arena.
No matter what you have tried before, this will be different.
Remove the fear from its roots within 5-7 sessions.
No longer fear the ominous "eyeball" effect.
Receive a customized tool set to deal with challenges as they arise.

Clients receive:
Customized support audio that will stabilize new habits.
Secrets of hypnotically powerful presenters.
Guidelines for speaking with impact.

Fear of Public Speaking consultation are via phone or Skype.

Additional Service:
Presentation workshop - I will critique video recording(s) of you speaking.


Contact me now to talk about what is going on with your public speaking fears, and how I may assist you in removing this problem for good. I work on a "results" basis.  702.498.2445