Eliminating Fears and Phobias

Eliminating Other Fears and Phobias 

People with phobias and fears.  Let’s be clear here – we are talking about those phobias and fears that just don’t make any sense, even to you.  If you were on a safari and a tiger jumped out of the bush to attack you, of course you would be terrified – and rightly so!

If you were in danger of falling off a cliff, of course you’d have a fear of heights, which is what would impel you to try to save yourself. No, here, we are talking about those fears that prevent you from living the life you want – and that’s exactly why Mind Pirates are so insidious. They take a completely human, natural defense mechanism that we all need to survive and turn it against you.

Instead of being afraid only when you should be, you become afraid of things, people and actions that can help you.  That’s why irrational fears and phobias are life-destroying Mind Pirates. Imagine you go to a restaurant and eat a bad hamburger – and then you can never eat or even look at a hamburger again.

Those are your Imprisoned Negative Emotions and Bad Vibe Experiences.  Who hasn’t thought: “The last time I was driving on a winding road, I nearly drove off the road and killed myself.”  Those are your Self-Imposed Shackles.

FDR said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  And right, now that’s what you’re fearing: fear! Allow me to banish all three of these Mind Pirates and your fear.  Contact me today at 702.498.2445

Specific fears and phobias that my clients have successfully cleared with my assistance:

Claustraphobia - Fear of confined spaces
Isolophobia - Fear of being alone
Fear of following dreams
Fear of Flying
Fear of fears
Fear of spiders
Fear of driving
Fear of public speaking
Audition Anxiety
Anxiety of Bullying
Job Interview Anxiety
Hadeophobia - Fear of hell

Fears and phobias have a common structure. I use methods that address that structure and have most people free of it within 5-7 sessions.

Fear and Phobia consultations are over the phone or Skype.
Have you had enough of being imprisoned by these fears? Call me now, let's get you past them and into a life of freedom and even more enjoyment.  702.498.2445

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