Ed Percival’s book is mind-blowing

I am having the delightful experience of reading a book called "An Organic Guide to Coaching and Training NLP" by Ed Percival and Colin Blundell.

Wow. This book is jaw-dropping brilliant. Check this out:

“ you have glided them into the material under their radar and over a bridge from something nearby and in the room. Then you have created anticipation in explaining the big picture.”

This is so packed with incredible information that was gleaned from 12 years of NLP trainings and coaching. I am shocked that this book is not an NLP bestseller. It is a true diamond-in-the-rough. I am already revising my current trainings to incorporate these accelerated learning principles.

Ed Percival said that they took the NLP trainings from 21 days down to 7 with these methods.

I don't want to sleep or eat...I want to finish this book, and read it again!

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