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Perspectives: A Plant or a Weed?

"What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered." Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are walking in the desert outside just outside of Las Vegas.  It has just rained, and the air has the wonderful smell of chaparral (creosote).  You notice the miniature bamboo-like plants called "Mormon tea" as you walk along.  Weeds?  Mere desert plants?

The chaparral plant has properties that can cleanse blood and have been known to affect tumors.   It has been called the "medicine cabinet of the desert."   Mormon tea has been used as a decongestant.

What does this have to do with NLP?

Perception is everything.

Imagine driving down the road back in town with a friend.   You are cruising along enjoying the day, the leaves falling from the trees, knowing in Vegas that you'll see springtime by February.  Someone ahead of you does a u-turn.  You barely notice.  However, your friend gets set-off on a tirade about people who do u-turns in unlawful places.  He is pretty upset about this.

Same thing.

One person gets upset.  One person barely notices.  Did the car that executed the u-turn cause the friend to get upset?   If so, why did the other person (you) hardly notice?  (This is just for philosophical comment, you may indeed get upset at this type of driving behavior)

What's the point of this?  If one event can inspire two different reactions, then the reactions are optional choices.

The next time something annoys you, take a few steps back and a deep breath.  Check inside your mind and see/feel how you arrived at being annoyed.  What is your strategy?  What do you see/hear feel first?  Then what do you do inside of your mind?  Step back and watch your strategy unfold and take note of it as if you were going to hire a temp person to do this for you if you went on vacation.

Not exciting?  The doors to the greatest treasures are not the most fascinating.

In Pain? The Mystery Technique Revealed.

This technique is so simple, it's difficult to start writing about it.

It's like instructions on how to breathe.
Breathe breathe out. Good!

What happens if you hold your breath for ten minutes? What if you try to breathe out when you are breathing in? So naturally you don't do those things.

Feelings are like your breath. I know this sounds too simplistic, but feelings want to be experienced. They may have a message for you. That's it. So why is it so difficult? Continue reading

Fending off Negative Emotions with NLP

Are you focused on your dreams?

Do you know what they are? Your dreams want to be lived, that's why you have them.

Prerogative Point

There is a place between thought and emotion. It's the Prerogative Point.

Having a thought is like being in your car traveling with the windows up.

And then there is an in-between time. The Prerogative Point. The point where you (and not just women!) have the prerogative to choose.

After that there is the moment when you attach the thought to an emotion (or emotions). You may do this without conscious awareness. However, now you know about it, you will start to see how it works.

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