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Presentation Skills: Accelerated!

I have had the great fortune of stumbling across these audio works from Master NLP Trainer, Ed Percival. Ed is also one of the top business coaches in the UK.

These audios are pure gold, short and to the point. Listen carefully and do the exercises, you can easily "up" your performance, quickly! These have helped me as I was driving on the way to different presentations. No more "stage fright," and, Ed generously shares lots of cool NLP techniques for group persuasion and effectiveness on the podium.

Enjoy Making an Impact: The Secrets to Successful Public Speaking, Part 1

Enjoy Making an Impact: The Secrets to Successful Public Speaking, Part 2

Cure Your Fear of Public Speaking and Learn How to Enjoy Presenting

Just Relax Completely

Check out Master NLP Trainer Ed Percival's site here

Philosophical Musings about Anchoring in NLP

Anchoring. Stimulus-Response.
I read in an NLP comedy article about the first of Pavlov's experiments, it was with his cat. It failed.

However, as my one little cat has grown over the year from a kitten, I noticed the evolution of his anchoring. He knows when I am preparing his wet food from the sounds. He understands that a clicking sound from my fingernails means its time for him to get petted.

Neurons that fire together, wire together. This is the inner world of anchoring. The dog hears the bell ring (it was actually a tuning fork) before he gets a steak, after a while when the bell rings, he starts to salivate because he knows a steak will follow.

This made me want to go deeper with my thinking about anchoring. Join me if you dare... This is very "out there." Continue reading