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What Are Mind Pirates(tm)?

In over 39 years (and I won't say how much "over") I have studied the mind, I found that there are thousands of ways we unconsciously sabotage our own success.

It is like a captain of a ship that has become hostage to Mind Pirates™.

Mind Pirates™ pillage

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Money
  • Fun

Pirate Grunge

"I know I'm going to hell," Peter, a bright engineer began his story, "For fifteen years I have dreaded the idea that I may not believe just right so I know I am going to hell...I can't sleep at night, I'm on three different kinds of blood pressure medication. My boss told me to take a month off to figure this out or I will lose my job."

Peter had Mind Pirates™. Within three days of his applying some powerful techniques, he went to his doctor. The doctor took him off of two of the blood pressure medications, "He asked me what I was doing and to keep doing it."

Peter's job is now secure, he is even thinking about having children now that he has learned to eliminate and keep the Mind Pirates™ away.

What fears are keeping you up at night? What stops you from enjoying life? Would you like to make your Mind Pirates™ walk the plank?

Here is a powerful way to start.

Is getting to your goal a totally positive experience?

I'm working with a client who just got the position he had been courting for over two months.

He was excited and happy.

Two days later he felt like he crashed.

We found that he
1) was grieving over letting go of the good parts of the old position and
2) did not have a clear vision for success in the new position.

He feels back on track after some clearing and vision work.

What insights come up for you as you read this?

Personal Power: Your Responsibility, not Your Fault

Dangerous Idea #2: What Role Are You Choosing?

Our actions and success are based upon our beliefs. Certain  beliefs, or presuppositions are helpful in applying the NLP Emotional Intelligence Techniques, and helpful on your journey to greater success.

These techniques require the practitioner to contemplating paradigm-shifting ideas. They are “dangerous” in that any one of the concepts may be a tipping point to your greater success.

The most dangerous idea in this book:  I am at cause, I am not a victim of effect (the economy/my manager/co-worker/spouse/child/government/etc.)  I am the only one responsible for my results.

This idea is dangerous because it gives you power.

By taking on this belief, you are acknowledging that you are not to blame, but you have responsibility, the ability to respond. Only from this place can you change your results.

As the previous section asks the question, “Who is driving your bus?” Notice when your “bus” (your mental/emotional state) has been hijacked. Resolve to be aware of the “hijacking,” take it off of autopilot and start asking what you can do from this place.

Three important points for success with Emotional Intelligence principles

1.  How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?  One.  But it has to want to change.  Are you ready? Have you had enough of being incredibly brilliant and not having the success you were promised in school?

2.  Are you willing to do what it takes? Learning techniques alone will not change your work or your life. Application in the outer world will make this real and can transform your life. It’s your choice. Coaching is the element that will bring these techniques home, coaching is what will make it real.

3.  I may ask weird questions and ask you to do odd things.   This is part of what it takes to get results.

Ed Percival’s book is mind-blowing

I am having the delightful experience of reading a book called "An Organic Guide to Coaching and Training NLP" by Ed Percival and Colin Blundell.

Wow. This book is jaw-dropping brilliant. Check this out:

“ you have glided them into the material under their radar and over a bridge from something nearby and in the room. Then you have created anticipation in explaining the big picture.”

This is so packed with incredible information that was gleaned from 12 years of NLP trainings and coaching. I am shocked that this book is not an NLP bestseller. It is a true diamond-in-the-rough. I am already revising my current trainings to incorporate these accelerated learning principles.

Ed Percival said that they took the NLP trainings from 21 days down to 7 with these methods.

I don't want to sleep or eat...I want to finish this book, and read it again!

Coming Soon: Interview with Grandmaster NLP Trainer

Wow, Ed Percival shares his insights with us! For someone so accomplished in NLP and in business coaching, he is humble and humorous.

  • In this 9-part interview series he shares with us:
  • How to remove a fear, like that of public speaking,
  • He lets us in on his technique for removing the voice of doubt
  • Ed talks about the special one-year intensive program he completed with Richard Bandler
  • This NLP Grandmaster goes into how to set ground rules with clients and how to handle fees congruently
  • Ed expounds on his term, "Dent the Universe"
  • And much more!

Stay tuned for the release! A little more editing...   🙂